Pruning Saws

Curved / straight blades for
Orchard, Agriculture, Forestry, etc.

  * TOPMAN pruning saws are popular
among professionals worldwide

  * Japanese tri-edge tooth configuration
  * Made from highest grade high-carbon steel
  * Taper ground blade for smoother cuts
  * Induction-hardened edges provide outstanding durability
  * Curved / straight blades available

  *Gardening : Garden trees.

  *Fruits Trees : Apple, grape, orange,
plum, pear, olive, etc.

  *Forestry : Pruning branches,
forest management
  *Maintenance : Trimming roadside trees,

  1139 : Curved blade with a plastic handle, KWF* certified

  1135 : Curved blade with a steel handle for pole extension

  1137 : Curved blade with a wooden handle

  1013, 1016 : Straight blade with a wooden handle

  1125, 1134 : Straight blade with a plastic handle / sheath

For the detail, please see Page S-2 and of our E-Catalogue.