featured tools

For woodworking & construction

Woodworking tools

- Woodworking Saws -
(Japanese Nokogiri)

Japanese double-edged saw,
precision saw, thin cutting saw
for professional craftsman.

- Planers (Japanese Kanna) -
Traditional Japanese style planers

- Chisels (Japanese Nomi) -
Long-life chisels for
professional and artists.

- Knives (Japanese Kogatana/Katana) -
Carving and shaping tools

Construction tools

  - Precision pliers & Nippers -
Made from high grade tool steel,
precisely jointed pliers / nippers are
with long lasting cutting sharpness

- Wire twister & Wire cutters -
For efficient wiring on the site

- Hammer & Crowbars -
Well balanced robust tool

- Screwdrivers -
The precise blades properly tighten screws

- Auger bits/Hole saws -
For various boring tools for wood