Carpentry / Pipe Saw

Innovation from Japanese tradition
TOPMAN-Z saws are manufactured at
the best saw factory/facility in Japan.


  * Blade replacement system

  - Easy attachment / detachment with the screw knob.

  - Screw knob easily works without any tools.

  - This handle can be used in common with all Topman-Z saw blades.

    * Japanese saw blade tooth

* Difference between
Japanese teeth and others

  Ordinary blades are die-cut triangle shaped,
      which are prone to clog up by woodchips.

  TOPMAN-Z has accurate tooth
      designed for smooth-cutting.
      Edges are impulse-hardened for longer durability,
      Sharpness lasts longer.

    - Surface treatment (Ni-P plated) to prevent rust

        - Multi-purpose cutting applications
(suitable for wood, pipes, plastic boards and bamboos)

  - Value for money